LR 3 | Motor Installation Guide

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Below we will show you how to replace the motor properly for your Litter-Robot 3.

You may purchase a replacement motor from the Components section at

See the full set of instructions below.

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Motor Replacement


1.  Turn off and unplug the Litter-Robot. Remove bonnet and globe from the base unit. 

2.  Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove all 5 screws holding down the electronics cover.

3.  Carefully remove the electronics cover by grabbing the rib, being sure not to pull circuit board and wiring out.

4.  Locate the motor and use needle-nosed pliers to carefully separate the two wires coming from motor.

5.  Remove the motor from the base.

6.  Remove the motor gloves from the original motor and place on the replacement motor.

7.  Position the motor back down into the base, while running the wires underneath the gearbox and behind the wire troth to be sure they do not interfere with the gear.

8.  Reinstall the electronics cover, being careful to fit the keypad buttons into place.

9.  Insert 5 screws back into place.

10.  Reassemble the globe and bonnet onto the base unit. Plug the power supply back into wall and turn the unit back on.

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