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If the blue light on your Litter-Robot is flashing, it means your drawer is full and needs to be changed. On occasion, this system fails due to dirt, mechanical, or electrical problems, and we’re here to help! If your unit is still flashing blue by the end of this troubleshooting, let us know. It’s helpful if you provide your serial number and order number so we can quickly determine the warranty status of your unit.

 Before we start, it’s best to empty the waste drawer and replace the waste liner bag for testing purposes. Please ensure that the bag is always below the inside edge of the drawer when installing. 

How to install the waste drawer liner  (Video)

Properly installed drawer liner

After the waste drawer has been emptied and replaced, press the reset button on your unit. Now, press the Cycle button to start a clean cycle. When the unit returns to the home position you should have a solid blue light. If this happens, press cycle again and let it complete.

If the blue light is still blinking, let's proceed with troubleshooting:

STEP 1: Let’s Check your DFI Lenses for any obstructions:

  1. Unplug the power from the base of your Litter-Robot.
  2. Remove the bonnet and the globe. This will allow easy access to the drawer full indicator component. 
    1. Note: When you remove the globe, small amounts of litter are normal around the waste port opening. You can vacuum this area if desired.
  3. Locate the Drawer Full Indicator(DFI) Components: Within the waste port opening, in the center of the base, there are one or two green boards on either side. 
    1. Note: Some units are manufactured with one board, others are manufactured with two. If your unit has only one board, please see the calibration instructions below if the following steps do not work.

Drawer full indicator component location

  1. With a soft cloth, gently wipe clean the sensor eye and plastic housing lenses (see image below). You may need to repeat this step multiple times to remove any debris or litter dust. 
  2. Replace the globe and bonnet. If your unit has a black key on the globe, make sure this is seated in the slot on the back of the base.
  3. Plug the unit back in and power it on. If the unit does not automatically cycle, press “Cycle”. 
  4. If the unit cycles and the light turns solid blue, then your Litter-Robot is cycling normally.We recommend cycling the unit 1-2 more times to confirm. 
    1. If the unit does not return to a solid blue light and you have a single-board style drawer full indicator, then go to the bottom of this email and try Recalibrating the sensor
    2. If the unit does not return to a solid blue light and you have a dual-board style drawer full indicator, then proceed to the additional troubleshooting steps below. 

Additional Troubleshooting:

  1. Remove the waste drawer and press Cycle. Press the Reset button twice to abort the cycle to return the unit Home. 
  2. If the unit displays a solid blue light while the waste drawer is removed, make sure there is nothing in the drawer or on the sensors that might be blocking the signal. 
  3. If the drawer is clear and the sensors are clean, then your base needs to be repaired.

Contact customer service to initiate your RMA process or reply to this email. Please inform the customer service agent that you completed these troubleshooting steps in full. It is helpful to us if you provide your serial number to the agent to help determine warranty status. 

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